Export options


Name of .swf asset file

Auto Export

True by default, when true this feature activates when compiling the asset swf, once complied uniSWF will automatically do the asset conversion, allowing rapid workflow. Else if False you would have to export manually by Export Actions / Export "asset"

Compress Textures

Reduces texture file size, may result it loss of quality in some cases

Texture Sizes

Set the required texture size for assets to be packed into.

Mobile Options

Export 3G - (half res) profile - downsizes by 50% to use the same assets for 4g and 3g without changing any assets.(feature still under development)

Export 3G Only - Target only the Iphone 3G platform for assets

MovieClip References

Enabled "_shared" references - any asset with the extension "_shared" is sourced from a single swf, for example a shared_ui swf.

Export references - effectively export any asset with "_shared" to be used using this ties into the movieclip.Preload, any preloaded swf have to be loaded in before shared references are used. Use the uniSWF shared asset manager


Export fonts - If True embeds fonts into swf

Charset - Defined list of characters

Export Subfolder

Export subfolder - True by default, exports folder containing converted swf textures

Custom resource root - Location of converted textures subfolder in project

Export Actions

Embed assets - embeds the textures into the swf file as pngs, useful for www .movieclip, banners etc, however you cannot use the uniSWF compress feature or the Unity texture options.

Export button - Exports the swf to convert into textures


uniSWF Install Path - Change location of installation