Asset creation general guidelines

uniSWF compiles swf vectors & shapes to bitmaps in an offline process, this is great for runtime speed but not great for memory usage. Some care must be taken when creating vector shapes and tween using the hints below:

Asset scaling & bitmap output:
When creating vector based assets it is important to set the pixel width and height ( flash properties width & height fields ) to 1:1 of the target screen resolution, for example: If you have a character vector shape that is 100x100 and then put that in a MovieClip, then scale that clip up by 200x the final result will appear blurry, or if ifs to big then a lot of memory will be wasted due scaling down a large texture to a small area on the screen. If the assets requires scaling such as a 2d game which with a pinch to zoom feature then you would need to scale to the highest required resolution.

Motions & shape tweens:
Motions tween work if the object is a MovieClip, Graphics & Shapes will get cached to bitmap frame animations and create a lot of textures so try to avoid lots of shape vector tweens.

To load any MovieClip into unity you need to export a MovieClip as a symbol first ( right click the asset in the library to export this ), also the main timeline does not export at all, you will need to cut and paste the timeline into an exported MovieClip.