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uniSWF 2.0

uniSWF is an easy to use Adobe® Flash® to Unity UI Solution. Simply publish assets from Flash® and they seamlessly appear in the Unity editor. A familiar and powerful API modelled on the Flash® runtime makes creating anything from menus to full featured games easy.

Core Features

Convert Adobe® Flash® files to Unity

Create assets in Flash® or Illustrator® ( exported from Flash® ) then publish directly to Unity®, assets seamlessly load within Unity Editor.


Create animations using the Flash® timeline and play/manipulate them directly in Unity.

Live Preview

Animations update live in the Unity editor, assets are hot reloaded when published from Flash®.

Works great on iOS and Android

Optimised for iPhone & iPad as well as the standard Web and Desktop players.

Powerful API

A familiar and powerful API modelled on the Flash® runtime, works with C#, UnityScript and Boo script.

Automatic texture packing

Textures are converted and packed efficiently into bitmap texture pages.

Examples included

Includes fully working game examples with source code.

Rapid workflow

Rapid workflow between design and development.

Cool font rendering

Convert fonts with outer glows and gradients to bitmap fonts, comes with a full featured TextField API.

2D Stage rendering

Ideal for Game UI, HUD's and even full featured 2D Games.

3D MovieClips

Great for character health bar overlays to augmented reality style user interfaces.

Built in tweener

Tween/Animate DisplayObjects objects in one line of code.

Platforms supported

iOS, Android, Web player, OS X standalone and Windows standalone.

SpriteSheet caching

Cache MovieClips to SpriteSheets for optimial rendering, ideal for mobile devices where graphics processing power can be tight.


Create dynamic UI and 2D animations using the Flash® timelime.


Seamlessly import your Flash® assets into the Unity editor.


Build for mulitple platforms including iOS, desktop and web player.