Converter client source

Flash Develop setup instructions

  • Extract the uniSWFConverterSourceSnapshot-xxxx(xx-xxxxxxxx).zip file.

  • Update bat/SetupSDK.bat to reflect your installation of the flexsdk eg.

:: Path to Flex SDK
set FLEX_SDK=C:\Program Files (x86)\FlashDevelop\Tools\flexsdk
  • Generate an air certificate by running bat/CreateCertificate.bat

  • Open uniSWF-client-flashdevelop.as3proj in Flash Develop, then go Project->Test Project ( F5 Key ), this should open a debug verion of the converter and can be used for development.

  • To build the air package for internal distribution uninstall any existing copies of the uniSWF converter application( certificate upgrade will fail )

  • Build a release version of the project using Flash Develop, this should output the file bin/uniSWFPro.swf

  • Run PackageAppPro.bat to generate the air package.

  • Open air/uniSWFPro.air to install the package