Editor uniSWF Source setup

  • Extract source zip or package.

  • Create a folder called Standard Assets/ in the project root.

  • Copy Client/ And Editor/ into Standard Assets/

  • Set UNISWF_PRO Pre processor definition.

  • Set UNISWF_UNITY_5 Pre processor definition for Unity 5.
  • Set UNISWF_SOURCE Pre processor definition to unlock platform restrictions.

For each build type go File->Build Settings->Player Settings, Add UNISWF_PRO;UNISWF_SRC to the Scripting Define Symbols

Or you can create 2 files called gmcs.rsp and smcs.rsp in the project root, then add the following lines

  • To note when moving an existing uniSWF based project that uses the uniSWF.dll, First backup your project, this process can break your prefabs and its hard to automate a recovery. Replace any existing behavior references on GameObjects and Prefabs from the existing uniSWF.dll to the source version of the behavior. Do not remove the DLLs before changing the MovieClipBehaviours to the Source version.