Unity 4.2 Issues

This issue has been resolved in Unity 4.2.1 and only effects Unity 4.2.0, upgrade to the latest Unity to resolve the rendering bug detailed below.

Unity 4.2.0 has a rendering issue when using the MovieClipBehaviour, this causes sub-meshes to blend in the wrong order.

Temporary resolution:

1. Download uniSWF1.0.5_rc6 from the download area.

2. Update LibUniSWF.dll and LibUniSWFEditor.dll from the unity package.

3. creating a new game object, add the UniSWFDeveloperOverrides component.

4. Enable _devTempUnity42DrawMeshOverrideHack flag

5. Change script execution order of the UniSWFDeveloperOverrides to ensure executes before the MovieClipBehaviour.

Programmatic resolution:

To enable through code, set the following static variable before any MovieClipBehaviours.Awake() is called:

MovieClipBehaviour._devTempUnity42DrawMeshOverrideHack = true;